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RE-Mg alloys

Applied magnesium-rare earth alloys

  Magnesium-rare earth alloys are classified as light magnesium-rare earth alloy and heavy magnesium-rare earth alloy according to the species of rare earth element addition. The main alloying elements in light magnesium-rare earth alloy are La and Ce, and light magnesium-rare earth alloys obtain favorable characteristics such as light weight, excellent heat emission, good environmental applicability and recoverability. These alloys are used in the area of 3C and rail transit, such as fabrication of 4G communication crate, heat emission of large screen LED, shell of electric tool and automotive wheel. Ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of the alloys is on lower than 230MPa, thermal conductivity coefficient reaches as high as 100 W/mK(25oC) or more, They achieve 1/3 mass savings compared with aluminum alloys, the cost increment is controlled within 15%.    
        Heavy magnesium-rare earth alloys exhibit advantages such as light weight, high strength, excellent heat resistance and ignition-proof, they are popular with aerospace and national defense. These alloys are used for aircraft seat, cylinder block of automobile engine, racing automobile hub and mobile phone shell. The alloys can be used at the temperature of as high as 260 C and UTS exceed 300 MPa. Heavy magnesium-rare earth alloys obtains high strength, a wide range of usage temperature and excellent heat resistance.   
  Typical product
  Mg-La and Mg-Ce based alloys such as EM31、SK41、AE42、AE44
  Mg-Gd-Y and Mg-Nd-Y based alloys such as WE43、WE54、GW103K、MRI153M 
  Packaging specification: 100 kg,500 kg,1000 kg and 2000 kg for each package. Wood tray or iron bucket; water proof and oil contamination proof.