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RE-Mg alloys

Magnesium-rare earth master alloy

  Rare earth metals own active chemical properties, it is easy for them to react with oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur and nitrogen dioxide from the air, in addition, corrosion takes place when contacted with the moisture and sulfide dust, these lead to the quality decline and economic loss. Magnesium-rare earth master alloy can completely solve the problem caused by the incapacity of long-term storage, meanwhile, yield coefficient of rare earth elements is sharply increased and the purification of melt is improved during metallurgy process of magnesium alloy, besides, the addition difficulty of rare earth elements is reduced. Homogeneous distribution of rare earth elements in applied alloys is obtained by adding magnesium-rare earth master alloy, and the yield of applied alloys is improved.
  Alloy product: Mg-La、Mg-Ce、Mg-La-Ce、Mg-Sm、Mg-Nd、Mg-Y、Mg-Gd and so on.

  Packaging specification: 100 kg,500 kg,1000 kg and 2000 kg for each package. Wood tray or iron bucket; water proof and oil contamination proof.