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Rare earth catalytic materials

Diesel SCR catalyst

  Rare-earth based SCR catalysts are innovational and different from commercial vanadium SCR catalysts, which can meet diesel emission requirements of National V Standard. It possesses good properties of non-toxic, low cost and good low temperature catalytic properties, which shows extensive market prospect. Rare-earth based catalysts with self-service intellectual properties should be developed and break the monopoly from abroad enterprises.

  Our laboratory has the ability to supply rare-earth based SCR catalysts with the amount of 13 tons per year; we can also provide monolithic diesel catalysts with the amount of 50,000 L per year. This kind of catalysts has self-service intellectual properties and non-toxic, which has stable physicochemical properties. Diesel emission can meet diesel emission requirements of National V Standard when used the catalyst (NOx < 0.18 g/km). Our products can be widely used in medium/heavy duty diesel vehicles, which is a good substitution of toxic vanadium catalyst.