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Highly purified Rare Earth Reg

Special properties’ rare earth compound

  High specific surface area Cerium zirconium composite oxide

  Coprecipitation method prepared High specific surface area Cerium zirconium composite oxide can be used in automobile exhaust and cigarette filter catalyst. Production index: specific surface area S﹥150 m2/g.

  ◆  Spraying large sphere yttrium oxide and yttium fluoride particles

  Mainly used in Microelectronics Seal Cutting Machine, Plasma etchingmachine, , high- temperature fuel cell’s solid electrolyte and electrode coating, and oxygen sensitive sensor’s electrolyte and electrode coating.

Production index: (1) Product purity: 99.9% -99.99% (2) Product particle size: 20 um≤d50≤30um;30 um≤d50≤40um;40 um≤d50≤50um。

  ◆Rare earth additives in Refractory material

  Rare earth composite additives were added into refractory material, in order to reduce traditional refractory material’s sintering temperature, improve the product’s compressive strength and apparent porosity. In addition, the material’s mechanical and thermal properties were improved. It is mainly used in industrial refractory material, arrester module, flame retarded coating and some other areas.

  Rare earth additives’ technical index: (1) d50≥10um; monomer’s nanowhiskers length-diameter ratio is between 15 to 35; (2) specific surface area≥30 m2/g.