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Environment protection and treatment of three wastes

  In recent years, with the increasing attention from all walks of life to environment problem of the rare earth industry, the environmental protection laboratory was set up, at the same time, we established the research direction, including "three wastes" treatment of rare earth smelting, solid waste reduction, technology research of recycling and disposal of resources. we have undertaken 2 special scientific projects of public welfare industry of Ministry of Environmental Protection, environmental protection, 2 projects of national standards of Ministry of Environmental Protection, 1 project of the development research center of China geological survey, 1 scientific projects Chinese Society of Rare Earths, 1 research projects of association of China rare earth industry, 3 special items of rare earth research of northern rare earth company. In early 2014, we have completed the research of treatment and recycling technology of waste water which came from the transformation of three kinds of rare earth smelting. In addition, the equipment investment and running cost benefit accounting was also launced.
  Technical scheme
  1. The treatment technology of transformation waste water (MgSO4) of rare earth smelting
  2. The oil removal technology of rare earth smelting waste water and rare earth chloride liquid
  3. The treatment technology of rare earth precipitation wastewater (ammonia nitrogen wastewater) 
  4. The Bipolar membrane electrodialysis technology treatment of saponification wastewater 
  5. The extraction technology of Thorium and rare earth in radioactive waste residue 
  6. The recycling technology of a variety of rare earth solid waste resources
  7. The recycling method of salts in smelting waste water and other water 
  8. The precipitating technology of rare earth by extracting solution of plant