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Pilot production line

NdFeB magnet

  1. The NdFeB radiation multipole magnetic ring was development and production by powder metallurgy process. The problem of special key technology application of sintered NdFeB magnets was solved by small batch and multi batch experiments. The product has high temperature resistance and good corrosion resistance. The technology can amplify and transform through the intermediate production line, and can become stable and large- scale production process.

  2. The special purpose sintered NdFeB magnets were developed with service performance including machinability, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

  3. New production processes have been developed. The process of reducing the content of heavy rare earth in the magnet, such as intergranular diffusion, multi alloy method and fine grain. The process of making low cost sintered NdFeB. The process of producing the magnet with excellent service performance.