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Development and Application of Rare Earth Catalysis Materials

  We focus on investigating the preparation technology of environmentally friendly rare earth catalysts and exploiting their application. The research direction is as follows: (1) stationary sources deNOx; (2) denitration of automobile; (3) industrial gas disposal; (4) preferential oxidation of CO.

  NOx Emissions Control in Stationary Sources
Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NOx technology has been widely used for NOx emissions control in stationary sources, which is reducing NOx to N2 by NH3 or other reducing agents selectively under certain catalyst. The property of catalyst influence directly on the overall denitration efficiency and operating cost. It is identified as a high toxic material to human body and environment by Ministry of Environmental Protection when fall off or sublimation of partial vanadium,    although V2O5-WO3(MoO3)/TiO2 catalyst of commercial production has very high denitration efficiency and anti-sulfur ability. 

  We have developed environmental friendly rare-earth based SCR catalysts, which contain rare earth oxides and mental oxides have shown appropriate acidity and redox ability. They have 100% denitration efficiency and 95% N2 selectivity with less than 1% SO2 conversion ratio during 280-450 °C, and also possess better anti-alkalis toxic properties than commercial vanadium catalyst. 

  Intellectual property:

  “A rare-earth based SCR catalyst and its preparation method” (201610623035.X)

  Denitration in Automobiles

  We have developed rare-earth based SCR catalysts aimed at NOx emissions control by diesel vehicles. It possesses 30% NOx conversion in 200 °C and 70% conversion in 250 °C, complete conversion of NOx during 300-450 °C, which can meet diesel engine emission requirements of National V Standard. Moreover, it also can meet the upload requirement of National V with 314 g/L. In the meanwhile, we have developed low temperature rare-earth based SCR catalysts and DOC/DPF technologies for National VI emission requirements.

  Intellectual property:

   “Diesel exhaust purification of supported rare-earth perovskite catalyst and its preparation method” (201610612075.4)

  “An low temperature rare-earth based diesel SCR catalysts and its preparation method”

  “Preparation method of ceria-zirconia solid solution with high specific surface area and good high temperature stability” (201610612068.4)

  Industrial Waste Gas Disposal

  Catalytic combustion is an environmental friendly process, which has important function in energy saving and environment protecting for its promoted combustion process and energy saving, it also could be used in industrial waste gas disposal. Our laboratory is focusing on developing composite oxides like Ce-Zr and Ce-Mn and perovskite catalysts (LaBO3). This kind of catalysts has been widely employed in VOCs control for its advantages of low prices and raw materials easy-obtained and stable preparation process; it also has good purifying effect and long life.

Preferential Oxidation of CO

One of our products is non-noble metal oxides catalyst for gas water heater, which has the advantages of low cost and high temperature stability and good hydrothermal stability, it could be used for a long time and reduce CO content below 20 ppm.