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Rare earth mineral cleaning smelting and comprehensive utilization of resources

  In order to promote the cleaning production of rare earth minerals, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, reduce and avoid the generation of pollutants, and to promote the sustainable and healthy development of rare earth industry. In recent years, it has undertaken the scientific and technological research projects such as Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, A large number of production and research cooperation in the horizontal research project research and development work for the North Rare Earth and other rare earth enterprises to upgrade technology to provide technical support and services. The contents of the study are as follows:

  ● Study on Cleaning Smelting of Baiyunebo Rare Earth Concentrate and the Technology of Resources Comprehensive Recycling 
According to the detailed study of the wastes contributing factors, formation process and the mutual influence of each element in the process, the research group puts forward the thought of “Concentrate source optimization and Waste disposal ” and study on the combination of acid and alkali decomposition of rare earth concentrate, in order to cut smelting costs of rare earth concentrate, and to improve utilization rate of the fluorine, phosphorus, thorium and other associated resources, to achieve the target of tail gas normalization, energy consumption reduction, slag reduction and comprehensive recovery of resources.

  Technical indicators: (1) the roasting energy consumption for per ton of ore reduced by 70% and above, sulfuric acid consumption from 1.3 tons to 0.75 tons;
sulfuric acid consumption of per ton REO from 3.38t down to 2.25t-1.38t(reduce 30% and above) ; (2) The production of radioactive waste residue per ton concentrate will be reduced from 0.65-0.70 tons to about 0.065 tons; (3) the total yield of REO increased from 91.8% to 96% at the end of the mixed sulfuric acid rare earth solution stage; (4) Sodium phosphate purity ≥ 98%, and alkali waste water recycling utilize.
  Intellectual property:
  [1] Chemical separation of low-grade mixed rare earth concentrate and the method for comprehensive recovery of waste water (201511015058.4)
  [2] A method of concentrated sulfuric acid cleaning smelting mixed rare earth concentrate (201511023870.1)
  [3] A method of enrichment of high-grade mixed rare earth concentrate with  low-cost
  [4] A method of concentrated sulfuric acid decomposition of mixed rare earth concentrate with low acid consumption
  [5] A method of combination of acid and alkali decomposition of rare earth concentrate 

  ● Comprehensive utilization of niobium and scandium resources
  The Baiyuebobo tailings are rich in niobium and scandium resources. The separation process of niobium, titanium, scandium and rare earth is realized by using atmospheric pressure and high temperature activation process. High-purity scandium oxide and niobium oxide can be obtained by a series of extraction and purification processes. And it achieve the cleaning, efficient and comprehensive utilization of Baiyunebo tailings resources. Technical indicators: scandium extraction rate> 99%, Sc2O3 purity> 99.9%; niobium extraction rate > 90%; rare earth and titanium extraction rate > 90%. 
  Intellectual property:
  [1] A method for extracting scandium from the Baiyunebo tailings (201210131201.6)
  [2] A method for enriching niobium from the Baiyunebo tailings (201511015057)

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