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Functional Materials

Rare earth heating ceramic materials

Has been engaged in R&D and mechanism study of rare earth-based heating ceramic materials including research and development of rare earth-based ceramic electrothermal devices, electric heating equipment, and new type of electrothermal ceramic materials. Specifically including:

1. R&D of lanthanum chromate based (LaCrO3) electrothermal materials and the design of related products;

2. Thermal field study and design of Ultra-high temperature electric furnace (furnace temperature> 1800 ℃);

3. R&D of lanthanum chromate based high-temperature refractory materials and design of related products;

4. R&D of lanthanum chromate based (LaCrO3) thermoelectric materials and the design of related products;

5. R&D of combination of other high temperature ceramic materials with lanthanum chromate based (LaCrO3) materials, and the design of related products;

The laboratory has undertaken the "863" project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, "National Natural Science Foundation" project, the "SME Innovation Fund" project of Ministry of Science and Technology, "special funds for technology development and research of scientific research institutes" and various provincial and ministerial level science and technology projects of more than 20 items. Has won provincial science and technology progress prize of second grade twice and of third grade five times.

Has been authorized 4 invention patents and 4 utility model patents, one of the patents wins the "China Patent Office Award for outstanding patents", " Gold medal of China Invention Association patent"

Lanthanum chromate electric heating components is awarded as the national key new products, Inner Mongolia science and technology famous-brand products, title of major intellectual property products in autonomous region, the team has formulated national standards "Lanthanum chromate electric heating components".

Based on the existing scientific research results, the lab is now closely following the advanced technology at home and abroad, and vigorously developing support technology for industrialization which is marked by own intellectual property rights, efforting to build the lab to a domestic leading industrialization and R&D center of rare earth heating ceramic.