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Functional Materials

Rare earth luminescent materials

Rare earth luminescent materials R&D team of BRIRE was established in 1984. It is a team working on development and engineering technology development of luminous materials with solid theory foundation and abundant practical experience. For years, the team has been dedicated to the research and development of display, illuminate, special rare earth luminescent materials and light-emitting block, has obtained specialties in design of material synthesis, mechanism study and application development.

The team has been engaged in the study of luminous principle, performance characteristics, producing technology, synthetic technology, industrial production technology of luminescent material. Successfully developed rare earth tribasic fluorescent powder for plasma plate display, rare earth tribasic fluorescent powder for fluorescent lamps, long afterglow luminescent materials, phosphor for white light LED, luminous glass, luminous ceramics and so on. Has won Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Progress Award twice, Baotou Science and Technology Progress Award five times.