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Rare Earth polishing materials

Rare Earth Polishing Materials laboratory was established in 2009,under the strategy of combining the needs of national development and the situation of industry development, aiming at the development and industrialization of rare earth-based advanced polishing powder and polishing slurry, mainly develops exclusively advanced polishing materials used in processing of optical lens, sapphire, hard disk substrate, semiconductor, integrated circuits and other fields. The laboratory targets the surface flattening of the material, closely follows the pace of market development, develops rare earth polishing materials (polishing powder/slurry) with independent intellectual property rights; The laboratory actively applies and undertakes scientific research projects at all levels, meanwhile carries out extensive cooperation with production enterprises, has already built a pilot powder production line of 60 tons/year together with production enterprise.

With the development of liquid crystal display technology, Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other domestic and foreign tycoons in communication field are gradually replacing flat cover glass with 3D glass, the demand of rare earth polishing slurry used for optical glass and integrated circuits increases dramatically. The research areas of this lab are as follows:

(1) Development of high-end cerium-based polishing powder with small particle size and narrow distribution: develop different types of fine polishing powder with D50 value of 0.1μm, 0.2μm, 0.5μm, 0.8μm, 1.0μm and so on, apply them widely in the field of optical and liquid crystal display, to provide technical support for the development of polishing slurry in the next step.

(2) Development of rare earth polishing slurry used in optics: develop high cutting rate polishing slurry with D50 of 0.8μm.

(3) Development of polishing slurry for semiconductor wafer: develop high cutting rate polishing slurry with D50 of 0.1μm-0.2μm.

(4) Development of rare earth polishing slurry for integrated circuits: develop advanced precise polishing slurry with D50 of 0.08μm.