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Rare earth hydrogen storage materials

  Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earth has nearly 40 years R&D basis in the field of hydrogen storage materials, has done a lot of work on the development and application of hydrogen storage materials, and accumulated a wealth of experience. In the early nineties, in the field of national "863" new materials, the research team independently developed LaNi5 hydrogen storage alloy electrode material and successfully achieved the industrialization of that scientific research result. Since 2001, for improving the ratio of performance to price of hydrogen storage electrode materials, to promote the conversion of production capacity of hydrogen storage materials into merchandise sales ability, the team has studied rare earth-magnesium-nickel multiphase composite hydrogen storage electrode materials, magnesium-based hydrogen storage electrode materials and so on, has acquired strong supports from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Department, Baotou Science and Technology Bureau, part of the research achievements arrive at the international advanced level in this field.
  After 2006, in order to develop high-energy, high-power La-Mg-Ni system hydrogen storage material which can meet the requirements of MH-Air battery, to carry out the application research of new type of rare earth hydrogen storage material in MH-Air battery, and to develop metal hydride (MH) electrode with outstanding electrochemical properties, the team launched International Science and Technology Cooperation Project“application research of new type of rare earth hydrogen storage materials in MH-air batteries”jointly with Switzerland Rewote technical academy. The low-neodymium low cobalt LaNi5 high-power hydrogen storage alloy developed by this project reaches the domestic advanced level, and presented good performance in the trail conducted by manufacturer. From 2008 till now, in order to further improve the high current discharge capacity and low temperature electrochemical performance of MH-Ni batteries, after exploration, the project team has developed a new type of La-Fe-B system hydrogen storage anode material. This material exhibits good electrochemical kinetic. The achievment is domestic initiative, with completely independent intellectual property rights. Since 2013, a new type of  high-capacity La-Y-Ni hydrogen storage alloy has been developed independently. The discharge capacity of the alloy is more than 380mAh/g, which exceeds the theoretical discharge capacity of the traditional LaNi5 alloy , now the alloy already has the basis of industrialization.
  At present, our main research areas are gas-solid rare earth hydrogen storage alloy, rare earth hydrogen storage alloy for Ni-MH battery, and metal hydride air battery. Owns a hydrogen storage alloy pilot production line with annual production capacity of 300 tons and various alloy testing equipments. The production line implement comprehensive standardized management in full accordance with quality management system and so on, is able to develop and produce stable conventional and specific hydrogen storage alloy products for customers.