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Functional Materials

Magnetic refrigeration materials

The R&D team was established in 1999, and the team leader is prof.Jiaohong HUANG.The team contains 3 task groups, which are the group of magnetic refrigeration materials,the group of magnetic refrigerator, and the group of permanent magnetic field system. The team could carry out R&D work of the 3 aspects simultaneously.

After been established, the team has been supported by the  research funding from Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information, Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Department, Baotou Science and Technology Bureau, as well as  many domestic and foreign institutes and companies. In 1999, the year it was established, the team  was supported by Ministry of Science and Technology "Ninth Five-Year" scientific and technological project "Rare earth magnetic refrigeration development", and obtained 2 million RMB R&D expenditure. Has set up a magnetic refrigeration materials laboratory, magnetic refrigerator laboratory and permanent magnetic field research laboratory successively.

  Since 1998, the research team has focused on the study of room temperature magnetic refrigeration technology, including various types of room temperature magnetic refrigeration materials, magnetic refrigeration magnetic field system and magnetic refrigerator. In recent years, the research team has studied the magnetic entropy change and directly measured adiabatic temperature change of the first order phase transistion materials like Gd, La (FeCoSi)13BX and second order phase transistion materials such as Gd5Si2Ge2, La (FeSi)13, MnFePAs(Ge,Si), mastered the basic properties of these materials; could produce magnetic refrigerant with different Curie temperature, and in different shapes. A variety of magnetic field system developed by the team have been provided to the research institutes of the United States, Europe, South Korea and other regions for R&D work. The adiabatic temperature direct measurement instrument created by the team independently, have been provided to domestic scientific research units. Meanwhile,the team has developed magnetic refrigerator in different types like magnetic liquid type, reciprocating type, rotary type,and compound type.