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Metallic Material

Preparation of rare earth iron (Mg, Al, Cu, Zn) alloy

  The key technologies of preparation of rare earth iron, rare earth magnesium, rare earth aluminum, rare earth copper, rare earth zinc alloy and other rare earth alloys were studied, has completed a number of national, provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, and achieved a number of important scientific research results. 
  In the aspect of rare earth magnesium alloy, “the application of high quality rare earth magnesium alloy “and its key technology in the field of "advanced lanthanum and cerium materials" in the National 863 program was studied. Baotou key project "key technologies of high performance and low cost rare earth magnesium alloy for transportation" and many major projects. Based on the research results in 2013, 1000 tons of rare earth magnesium alloy pilot line was built.
  In the aspect of rare earth ferroalloy,Research on rare earth additives used in rare earth steel by Rare Earth Institute the profound technology accumulation,In 1963, Baotou metallurgical research institute (baotou rare earth research institute) was established,Then sets up a special laboratory engaged in the rare earth application technology research in the steel. In recent years, In accordance with the working group of rare earth (Ni, Ti) steel working committee of Baotou Steel (Group) company, rare earth alloy preparation working group, After technical research, The research group independently developed a new type of rare earth steel additive - rare earth iron intermediate alloy, The common products and special products of rare earth iron master alloys were developed, Develop product industry standards 1, Received 11 national invention patents. At present, the products have been applied in the technical center of Baotou Steel, the steel sheet plant, the steel making plant of Baotou Steel, the Institute of metal research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the North heavy industry, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology and other research institutes.
  In terms of rare earth aluminum, copper, zinc alloy, the preparation of rare earth aluminum, copper, zinc alloy, various enterprises to provide a batch of products, use effect is good.
  The main research interests include the key technologies for the preparation of rare earth metals and their alloys, the preparation of rare earth alloys and the research of equipment.