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Metallic Material

Comprehensive utilization of niobium resources in Baiyun obo

  Relying on niobium metallurgical engineering laboratory in Inner Mongolia, we mainly studied Comprehensive utilization of niobium resources, new smelting process for Nb-Ti-Fe alloy, deep processing technology for niobium in Baiyun obo. We completed many science and technology support plan Issue of the 7th Five-Year, the 8th Five-Year, the 9th Five-Year and the 11th Five-Year and several provincial scientific research project. We obtained a series of major achievements with own knowledge property. We have developed the preparation technology of tank selective reduction, electric furnace smelting and carbon thermal reduction for Nb-Ti-Fe alloy. Using this technology to prepare Nb-Ti-Fe alloy of Nb8~20%,Nb/P>200,average niobium yield>79%. We obtained 4 authorized invention patents , published over 10 articles. “The technology of smelting Nb-Ti-Fe alloy with Baiyun obo’s titanium-containing concentrated niobium”has come up to internal advanced level. 
  Major Research Direction: 
  The technology of comprehensive utilization of niobium resources in Baiyun obo; Deep processing technology for niobium products.