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Metallic Material

Molten salt electrolysis of rare earth

  In the 1970s, metal research institute (the original pyrometallurgy institute) at Baotou research institute of rare earths started to research technology on electrolyzing oxides.

  In 1984, Baotou research institute of rare earths took the lead in researching rare earth metals industry electrolyser and electrolytic technology with kiloampere. It has realized large-scale production of lanthanum, cerium, neodymium and mixed rare earth metal and has been wide promoted in the country. In 2000, Baotou research institute of rare earths has developed the electrolyser with Thousands of ampere and realized industrialization. Then it has carried on the development of electrolyser’s equipment process in the system of fluoride salt with 25kA. In recent years, Baotou research institute of rare earths developed new energy-saving electrolyser with unremitting research and constant innovation and has completed the industrial scale test.

  Major Research Direction:

  The mechanism of molten salt electrolysis process; development of new energy-saving rare earth metals electrolytic cell; development and application for technology and equipment of mechanism removal of metal in electrolyser; Research of rare earth pyrometallurgy technology at low temperature, etc.