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  Instructed by Nie Rongzhen, Vice Premier of the P.R.C. at that time, preparation for the construction of Baotou Research Instituteof Rare Earths (BRIRE for short hereinafter) started in 1960 and it was formally founded in 1963, under the direct administration of former the Ministry of Metallurgy Industry. It was merged into Baotou Iron & Steel (Group) Company in 1992. Today, BRIRE has been developed into the largest comprehensive rare earth technological R & D institution specialized on rare earths in China.

  Targeting at comprehensive exploitation and utilization of rare earth resources, BRIRE is an integrated research institute covering the fields of rare earth metallurgy, environmental protection, new rare earth functional materials, application of rare earths in high tech industry,technical upgrading in traditional industry, rare earth assay & inspection and rare earth information. There are four research centers,including Metallic Materials Research Center, Hydrometallurgy Research Center, Rare Earth Functional Materials Research Center and Resources & Environment Research Center, and a rare earth new materials pilot base in BRIRE, which is the largest one in China. A normative parent-subsidiary corporation system has been formed in BRIRE. The Institute has 14 wholly-owned, holding and participating subsidiaries on scientific development, industry services and production.

  There are national research centers, namely National Key Laboratory for Research and Comprehensive Utilization of Rare Earth Resources in Baiyun Obo , National Engineering Research Center of Rare Earth Metallurgy and Functional Materials and Northern Rare Earth Industry Productivity Promotion Center , as well as provincial research centers in BRIRE such as Inner Mongolia Xiyuan Rare Earth Functional Materials Engineering Technology Research Center . Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Advanced Materials Academician Workstation and Baotou Rare Earth Advanced Materials Academician Workstation are also located in BRIRE. Tianjin Baogang Rare Earth Research Institute Co., Ltd. is the branch of BRIRE in Tianjin. BRIRE has created the International Rare Earth Patents Retrieval System . China Rare Earth Website ( run by the Institute is an authoritative website on rare earths in China. Professional bulletins including Chinese Rare Earths , China Rare Earth Information (English version) and Rare Earth Information are published by the Institute. National Rare Earth Product Quality Supervision and Test Center is set up in BRIRE. BRIRE has the qualification of the National Assay and Inspection Staff Capability Training Center .

  BRIRE has more than 700 employees today and engineering technicians represent more than half of the employees. The Institute has the top research team with strong technical back-up, led by many national and provincial technical experts who have made outstanding contributions to rare earth industry. After more than 50 years development, BRIRE has undertaken more than 1900 projects, including 863 Program , 973 Program and other national scientific projects, as well as provincial and local projects and different projects serving rare earth enterprises. We have got more than 850 technological achievements, among which more than 240 ones were awarded national invention prizes and various provincial technological prizes. More than 100 patents have been patented.

  BRIRE can produce rare earth oxides, individual rare earth metals, mischmetals, various rare earth functional materials and specific rare earths alloys. Those products are sold to domestic and overseas markets for their good quality and they enjoy high reputation in rare earth industry. BRIRE has been certified by Quality Management System, Occupational safety, Health and Environmental Management System. Furthermore, the Institute has supplied large quantities of critical materials and components for national key projects, including Changzheng-series carrier rockets, Shenzhou spaceship,Chinese Lunar Exploration Program , Manned Space Program , etc. BRIRE has made great contributions to the developmentof Chinese rare earth industry and modern national defense construction.
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