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Mine & Environmental Proection

Technical services of Mine

  We have industry-leading beneficiation technology theory and configuration of full range of advanced equipments which including gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation, high-low temperature reaction kettle and laboratory equipments, such as magnetic separator and polarizing microscope and other mineral detection equipment and analysis of testing means. The services include the research of dressing and smelting of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, rare metals, precious metals, non-metallic ore.

  1. Research of mineralogy;
  2. Research of optional mineral;
  3. Research of mineral dressing technology;
  4. The investigation of process (Technology improvement);
  5. Technology service of mill production (field debugging);

  6. Separation, extraction of single mineral.

Technical services of Environmental Protection

  Research laboratory of resources and environment is mainly engaged in the sorting of rare earth mineral, hydrometallurgy, comprehensive utilization of resources and the research of environmental protection in the field, we have ever undertaken the projects which come from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Land and Resources. Meanwhile, we also undertake the projects of practical problems from enterprise and Inner Mongolia department of science and technology. In these items, there is not only technology research, but also the soft projects about the research of related investigation of the current situation and analysis of management policy which accumulated very rich experience in research for us. The advanced technology and equipment which involves in processing, smelting of rare earth mineral, resource management, treatment of "three wastes" are introduced, experimented and industrially promoted. 
  1. The precipitating technology of rare earth by extracting solution of plant 
  2. MVR evaporation technology
  3. Mechanical atomizing evaporation—The evaporation pond technology
  4. Coarse graining—Coalescing oil-water separation technology
  5. Surface filtering technology
  6. The Bipolar membrane electrodialysis treatment technology of saponification wastewater


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