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Information Survies

  As one of the initial departments of Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earths, the information center has been endeavoring to play important role in the history of Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earths for over 50 years and has made a significant contribution for the development of the rare earth industry in China.
     Now the center is the largest team specialized in rare earth information research with 31 staff members, including 5 professional engineers, 8 senior engineers, 8 engineers, 10 assistant engineers and 6 of them had the master's degrees. The center’s business covers science and technology information research, periodical publications, library, webpage of “China Rare Earth”, information technology, etc. The information center is also in a leading unit of the National Rare Earth Information Net, the affiliated unit of Technical and Economic Professional Committee and Information Committee under Chinese Society of Rare Earths, and the North Rare Earth Industry Productivity Promotion Center and Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Productivity Promotion Center. 
  The Information center undertakes several influential industry publications at home and abroad, including: “Rare Earth Information”, “Rare Earth”, “China Rare Earth Information” (English version), “Annuals of Chinese Society of The Rare Earth” and other publications.
  The monthly magazine “Rare Earth Information” is the only chinese official and comprehensive journal concerning rare earth industry, which is authorized by National Development and Reform Committee, sponsored by Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute of Rare Earths and undertook by the National Rare Earth Information Net. The magazine covers the national policies on the rare earth industry development, important events occurred in Chinese and global rare earth industry, introduced the research, production, application and market situation of the rare earths, and bridge the communication between the local and the various rare earth enterprises. 
  “Rare Earth” is the bimonthly journal, which is the proceedings of Chinese Society of Rare Earths. Our mission is to spread rare earths knowledge, make academic communication, report timely rare earth new techniques and new technologies, and reflect the current state of the rare earth research level, making communication of scientific research and production, serving for the development of national rare earths industry. The magazine “Rare Earth” has covered all fields of production and application of the rare earth. In recent years, “Rare Earth” has been included in the famous international database. For example, it had been included in the “Chemical Abstract CA (online)”of the United States in 2012 and been included in the “Engineering Index (EI Compendex)”of the United States in 2013~2015.At the same time, it is included also in the Dutch SCOPUS database and the “Japan Science And Technology Agency China Literature Database”(JST China) in 2013. “China Rare Earth Information” (English version) is organized by the Chinese society of Rare earths and is undertook by the information center of Baotou Rare Earth institute. It is the only world-distributed Chinese rare earth information publications. Since officially founded in 1985, “China Rare Earth Information”(English version)has been distributed to more than 20 countries and has a very important influence and status in the field of the world rare earth and information service of the relevant industries. It is the insight window for international society to understanding Chinese rare earth industry and also the effective way to make the international exchange and to get international information for the rare earth enterprises in China .
   The webpage of China Rare Earth is founded in December 1998, which is the first domestic rare earth industry portal site. It involves in rare earth information, dynamic of science and technology, conference and exhibition information, policies and regulations, rare earth products price, import and export statistics, market price on market, knowledge and application of rare earth, rare earth enterprises, character, books and materials and organization of information on all aspects of rare earth industry. “China Rare Earth” has an integrated rare earth information service platform, which integrates information, rare earth patents, standard, rare earth enterprise, market and so on for the specialized database. It provides the full text retrieval functions, which could take convenient for the user to all of the information retrieval, and provides customs the information such as rare earth market dynamic pricing and import and export data as the requirements of customers. The English web page of “China Rare Earth” also covers rare earth industry information from home and abroad, rare earth products market price and so on, which is the important platform for overseas counterparts to access the relevant information about China rare earth industry. 
  The library in the information center is the rare earth professional library, which was built during the beginning of Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute in 1963. There are about 230000 books and materials, including 35000 Chinese books, 29000 foreign language books and 100000 insights. It also had more than 300 kinds of Chinese and foreign journals and more than 20 kinds of newspapers, audio, video and a variety of electronic books, electronic journals, etc.
  Comprehensive & Distribution department was established in December 2014, which undertakes the publication and sales of various journals and rare earth materials of the information center. It also takes many other works, such as service for members of the national rare earth information network, material management and account management of the information center and other daily routine work.
  The information center had been tracked research project and provided a lot of technical reports and documents, such as “60~70 Baotou Metallurgy Research Institute Scientific Research Achievements”, “Rare Earth Industry of The United States ”, “ Overall View Of Rare Earth Industry”, “A Comprehensive Scientific And Technological Achievements Of China Rare Earth”, “Rare Earth Mineral Processing”, “ABC on Rare Earth”, “ The Collection of Chinese Rare Earth Products Standard”,    “Rare Earth Dictionary”, “Rare Earth Metallurgy Analysis Manual”, “An Overview Of China Rare Earth Industry”, “Rare Earth Industry Present Situation And The Market Research Report”, “Current Situation And Trend Of International Rare Earth Industry”,“Research Of Rare Earth Products Production Status”, “Research For Rare Earth Industry Development Policy”, “World Rare Earth Economy”(Translation),“China Rare Earth--Glory History for 20 Years”,“The Chinese Society Of Rare Earths 30th Anniversary Book”, “China Rare Earth Business Directory” and so on. In 2002~2010, authorized by Rare Earths Office under National Development and Reform Committee, the Information Center compiled the large literature “Documentary Of China Rare Earth Development”, which reflect and record the history of the development of China rare earth in a comprehensive view. 
  In spirit and principle of self-improvement and continuously replenished, the information center had finished a lot of practical and effective work and has played a certain role in promoting the development of national rare earth industry and the production and scientific research of Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earths.

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