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《Rare Earth Information》

  《Rare Earth Information》was founded in 1984 and is the only rare earth comprehensive magazine in China. During the past 30 years, with the continuous support and encouragement from our readers, 《Rare Earth Information》introduces the government’s rare earth policies, reports the latest rare earth scientific developments at home and abroad, rare earth production and market trends, and popularizes rare earth knowledge.
Editorial staff of《Rare Earth Information》are skilled and of rich professional knowledge. All members of the editorial office of《Rare Earth Information》hopes to establish the magazine to be a platform for communication among rare earth industry with fresh content, novel form and high quality service. 
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Editor-in-chief: LIU Xiaofang
Associate editor-in-chief: LIU Si’de
Responsible editor: HONG Mei, YANG Li, JI Li’an
Art editor: ZHANG Xiaoyu

TEL:+86 472 5179202              
FAX:+86 472 5179201