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《Chinese Rare Earths》

  Founded in 1980,Chinese Rare Earths is the journal of The Chinese Society of Rare Earths. It was sponsored by Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earths and The Chinese Society of Rare Earths and hosted by Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earths. As a sci-tech journal, it reflects the characteristics of rare earth extraction and application research in China. The purpose of the journal is to publicize comprehensive utilization of rare earth resources, reflect the level of scientific research on rare earth, advance contacts between scientific research and production and serve China rare earth industry. With multiple columns, widespread and novel contents and great practical value,Chinese Rare Earths reports studies on rare earth geology, dressing, extraction and biology, and communicates the new development of rare earth applications in traditional fields (including steel, machinery, nonferrous metal, electronic industry, chemical industry, glass, ceramics, agriculture and medicine) and high-tech fields (including superconducting material, laser, permanent magnet and phosphor) . Now, it has an important influence in rare earth and related industries in China and has became a reference book for scientists and engineers for its strong readability.

  Columns: research paper; comprehensive review; research reports; industry and market; industry news
  Advisers: Zhouchuandian; Lidongying
  Chairman of Editorial Committee: Ganyong
  Vice Chairman of Editorial Committee: Wangcaifeng; Lindonglu; Lichunlong; Likemin; Zhanganwen; Niujingkao
  Editor-in-chief: Yangzhanfeng
  Associate Editor-in-Chief: Songhongfang
  Edidors: Zhangxiaoqin; Liyumei; Liliping
  ISSN: 1004-0277
  CN: 15-1099/TF
  Website: submission ) 
  Papers published in Chinese Rare Earths are collected by following databases:
  Chinese Core Journal Criterion of PKU,Chinese Sciences Citation Database,The Second National Periodical Award (100 Key Journals),Chemical Abstracts(SciFinder Scholar)
EI Compenex(2013-2015),SCOPUS,Japan Science and Technology Agency China Journal Database(JST) 
  CAJ-CD Standard Perform Excellence Award,The Sixth Northern China Top 10 Periodicals,The Second National Periodical Award (100 Key Journals),Inner Mongolia Excellence Periodical Award,Northern China Excellence Periodical Award
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  Address: Editorial Department of Chinese Rare Earths, No.36, Huanghe Street, Rare Earth Development Zone, Baotou, Inner Mongolia
  Postcode: 014030

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